Zachg is the stage name of Zachary Granger Moldof. A Broward-born-and-raised rapper with a penchant for turning the unexpected into something fun and relevant. A departure from the traditional, his music is in keeping with the rising wave of weird within rap. Although similar to artists like Danny Brown, Das Racist, Action Bronson, or Main Attrakionz, Zachg offers a distinct take on what it means to depart from convention in hip hop. A mix of having fun, finding an identity as a young Jewish man, finding a life as an American, and balancing life between irreverence and reverence, his music is an exercise in letting go and hanging on at the same time.

His unique sound is the result of 13 years of rapping and making beats, an MA from NYU studying the history of sampling and avant garde music, 4 years of formal training studying tabla, 4 years studying traps, and countless other musical endeavors. Zachg’s music reflects a truly profound understanding of the ways that humans experience sound, and a distinctly Evergladian take on what hip hop should sound like. His music has been premiered by SPIN and featured on Nah Right, Steady Bloggin, Stereogum, Pitchfork, MTV Hive, Fact Mag, Potholes In My Blog, Hypebeast, Mishka, Steady Leanin, Keep On Repeat, Decoder, Purple Tape Pedigree, et al.

The founder of Rad Reef, a primary contributor to Mishka’s bloglin, and frequent collaborator in Mishka’s hip hop endeavors, he is a central character in the nation’s quickly rising and increasingly publicized hip hop scene. Zachg has released music with Main Attrakionz, Shady Blaze, Western Tink, Astronautalis, Trpl Blk (Bruiser Brigade), Left Leberra, Metro Zu, Sortahuman, Black Noi$e, BK Beats, R-Dizzle (slow motion soundz), Uptown Greg, Shadowrunners, Fresh Galaxy, Deli Mane, et al.

His music reflects his time on Earth which has been eventful to say the least. Born the son of a Broward County criminal defense attorney in 1981 Zachg grew up in the midst of the real life events that created Scarface, and Cocaine Cowboys. The “g” in Zachg comes from Zach’s middle name “Granger”, which was bestowed upon him in honor of a prominent drug smuggler and client/friend of his father’s. Zachg’s story is one of good turning to bad, and likewise bad turning to good depending on what is called for. His music is an effective compromise of the two paths laid before Zach (lawyer or drug smuggler). Music is the means by which Zachg can fulfill both the good and bad, and remain in a fruitful state. There’s anger and frustration, there’s happiness and elation, there’s guilt and remorse, sexuality, ambition, morals, ethics, identity, and everything in between. And it all passes through a distinct vernacular that is informed by everything from a knowledge of the drug trade, to a knowledge of the courtroom, to zatoichi films, rare cheeses, art history, weed, Earnest Shackleton, Mezz Mezrow, cunnilingus, fast cars, skateaboarding, rap music, home-cooked meals, garage sales, and on an on.


Hyperbolic Chamber Music:

4_! with Special Guest Squadda B (prod. Zachg):

Fan Vid for Black Noi$e Danny Brown remixes: