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OK! This one was super duper lowkey. Even for me. I like making very straightforward videos that showcase the rapping, and not a copmlex plot, fancy effects, or expensive things that aren’t rapping or music. The magic is in the fact that we as artists are able to create such wonderful manipulations of time and space, and create engaging experiences by refining a craft. So then, why go and take the focus off the magic and put it on the artifice of the film that presents it? Teal Peace. We out here.

This is a pretty special song for me. As I’ve said before, the stuff I make is rarely topical. It’s usually just rapperly, and thus is simulataneously about everything and nothing at once. And while this song definitely still does the “everything and nothing” its basically just about rapping and skateboarding. More speficically, it’s about me dedicating my life to rapping and skateboarding and weed. More specifically, it’s about the extreme disdain I feel towards rappers who treat skateboarding as a market to capitalize on. Go fuck yourselves. This shit aint for your posin ass.

On twitter a few days ago @SteadyBloggin mentioned that I should make a Lookin Ass Rapper video. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner.

I don’t ever stop being hard at work. THis record came about after I heard that the man I am named after passed away. He was a unique man to say the least. I came to know him from a young age and he had a huge impact on who I am. This record wasn’t about making an album from his perspective and telling his story, instead I just tried to imagine what he would do in all the moments of the quiet of a non-moving pen. I tried to write the things he might have advised me to write–if that makes sense.