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This is a video of Zachg as Hemol rapping as Dirty Grandpa. Dirty Grandpa is a character from some old school freestyle tapes. It was not uncommon for me to go and enter the battle under a wide variety of names and under the guise of several characters because I have always been on that shit. Watch as Dirty Grandpa battles his way to the finals and raps against Grind Time’s Madd Illz for the evening’s title. Who do you think won?


I made this today. you can download at Bandcamp for free if you want to.

WHoa, blast from the past right here. Hemol was my first rap alias. It was an amalgamation of my dad’s first and middle names, and it just sounds unique. It was also very difficult for people to read/pronounce (amongst other reasons), so I wound up changing to Zachg in 2009 I think. These recordings date as far back as 2002, and my first EP that I can’t remember the name of right now, to 2005 and the North American Chud Bucket Manifesto. NACB was the last rap track I recorded before I started recording raps again in 2009. The name was some made up moniker I’d come up with for a tour I did with Bleubird and Spytek, and a bunch of dudes from Canada back in 2002, or 2003. The song wound up appearing on a comp put together by Thought Jones on his Akashic Revolve label (dude bring your blog back please).

I started out making beats with only an SP-202. Shit was way different then. for one thing, there were not a lot of people making hip hop, especially “experimental” hip hop. Shit like this had no audience. And the technology made it a lot harder. I’m not trippin at all, or complaining, just saying that this stuff sounds like it’s from a different time cause it is.

Calling this collection a “best of” would just be preposterous. This music was loosely constructed to say the least. I didn’t know shit about music when I started out, except that some stuff really moved me, and I wanted to just keep replicating the stuff that moved me. Instances of “best of” qualities are few and far between. A lot of this music is difficult because I wasn’t working with many of the luxuries Ableton affords me today. Namely compression, and quanitzation. Plus, “what remains of” is far more accurate. I’m a terrible archivist, mostly because I’ve lived in something like 25 places in the last 10 years. I’ve got more than one of my albums totally missing. So, these songs being in this collection is a product of what remains after a whole lot of moving, misplacing, losing, and discarding, not what I thought would make the best summary.

Here’s 2 tracks (dl below):

Give this one a bit^^^^. There’s some silence for a while in the intro.

Download here.

See, I’m blessed. I started getting serious about freestyling and battling in Orlando in the year 2000. There were so many incredible people in that scene, and there was always shit going down. And if you ever tried to kick a written, the audience would snatch your wig with an incredible enthusiasm.

So now, I can kick fast rap freestyles, and rock a crowd on the seat of my pants. Rapping is a sacred craft, and most of these fuckin boners don’t wanna act like it. I’ll tell you right now, all those people calling written raps freestyles, they’re gonna go to hell when they die.

These videos are from Monday Night Hip Hop. I started going a few months after i moved to New York, and I may have missed a dozen of them the whole time I lived there. I love love love, freestyling with enthusiatic rappers, and bad-ass musicians. It’s hosted by Ill Spokinn and Mariella who help to make it into a tight-knit community of folks. As far as I know this is the realest rap shit happening in New York. And to anyone who wants to say that NY hip hop is dead, I’d suggest swinging by here before you do so. It’s never anyone famous–except for the occasional session drummer–just a bunch of real-ass folks rappin and gettin down like they’re supposed to.

I don’t miss NY, but there’s things I miss about it, and Monday Night Hip Hop is one of them.

That’s what’s really real.

Well, I’ve got a regular shcedule now. The same one that lots of other people have. Never been in this boat before, but I’m into. And, like my rapper worht his weight in othe rappers’ spittle I made use of my first Saturday. I recorded this freestyle over aDetroit Sex Machines song. Other rappers really don’t do it like I do.

I came up with a rule last night: I should be surprised by at least one line in every freestyle, or else it’s not worth it. If there is not at least one point in a freestyle–or night of freeestyling–when the mind is blown wide open, then it’s a non-event. In this here track it was:

“Zachg got so many styles/be like a corocdile in the nile riding surfboards made from other reptile’s childs”

I was telling my friend chelsea that as I rapped that part I didn’t think it was that special, and I actually thought I had fucked it up by using the same word more than once in the rhyme scheme. Not the case.


09.26.09 Saturday Freestyle