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Oh shit, keep this one on the hush. Unmixed, and unmastered this was supposed to drop back in July. But, the person who was doing that work didn’t wind up coming through. I was gonna scrap all this stuff and chalk it up to the game, but then I realized how foolish that would be, and a bit of encouragement from MyWhiteBoyPain was all it took. Forgot I rap in Spanish at the end of one of these. haha! Some of this stuff will turn up in a more carefully-executed state later on, but most of these songs kinda met their end with this record’s mishandling. Whatevs. I hope you enjoy Anotha Kinda Southern. And tell a friend, but don’t tell em too loud.

Here’s the fast rap track Werepie (as in werewolf pie):


HAHA! In the year 2000, if you would have asked me when I’d release my first proper rap album I don’t know what I would have said. I probably would have said something really coy, and shy, but it would certainly have been words that I spoke while imagining something that I didn’t share. And as it would seem, my secret imagination has come to fruition in a fashion that I’ve come to see as typical for myself. “Late”. I’m almost always early or on time to meetings/events (although I just had to push something back in order to tie this up) but in life I seem to hit milestones late. I didn’t get my growth spurt till I was 16. I didn’t get braces until I was 14. I was getting my braces put on as other kids were having theirs taken off. Kids around me were having sex at 13, I didn’t have sex until I was 18.

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A contest is Eminent is probably my most focused composition. I’m pretty sure I originally scored it for something like 14 people, but this recording featured 6 people. The link above has the score, and some info.

Around the time that I started playing drums I got really interested in John Cage, the American Minimalists, and dada in general. I started writing musical scores that were parameters for sonic events rather than notations of particular scales. I had a rather deconstructed view of music. This piece was written and performed in early 2006. I was living with my parents in Fort Lauderdale at the time. I wasn’t rapping at all, but I was doing field recordings, making my own contact mics, and playing tabla. This piece fit right in.

My homie Nelson Hallonquist–whose badass band Universal Expansion makes me so excited about the Florida music scene–was kind enough to release this recording on his label Waste Palm Beach. Physical copies–which looked bueatiful–are all gone, but the download lives on.


This is a recording I did in 2005. It was part of an independent study I did with the ever-incredible Kristin Congdon. She showed me the way, and encouraged me as an artist in an untold capacity. The great thing though is that she also encouraged me to think about my art, and be able to talk about it crtically. I owe her a lot for that. This was the soundtrack to a movie I made about motion. It’s alternating loops of 2 shots: one where the camera moves and there is a stationary object, and one where the camera is stationary and objects move.

This was right before I’d move from Orlando and have to sell my drums. As well as my records. I had scored a 1965 Ludwig Champagne Sparkle kit for $90 at a thrift shop in Broward. I love Broward. But I had also started learning tabla around this time too, so I was happy to pick up a more compact set of drums.

Sound2 was also right as I was starting to utilize field recordings a lot. It’s an interesting point in my musical history. I play trombone, mountain dulcimer, traps, and vibe on here. I think there are 4 or 5 layered filed recordings as well (I know one is from Miami Metro Zoo, one is from a silk screen convention, and one is from a walk around a downtown Orlando lake late at night). I ran a lot of stuff through my RE-501 too. I didn’t know shit about recording except what I could make out with my ears. I didn’t use any effects on here, but I did do a lot of hand-rendered manipulation. It was mostly just staggering, pitch shifting, and cutting up tracks to create drone/delay qualities.

All me everything. Download it here.

WHoa, blast from the past right here. Hemol was my first rap alias. It was an amalgamation of my dad’s first and middle names, and it just sounds unique. It was also very difficult for people to read/pronounce (amongst other reasons), so I wound up changing to Zachg in 2009 I think. These recordings date as far back as 2002, and my first EP that I can’t remember the name of right now, to 2005 and the North American Chud Bucket Manifesto. NACB was the last rap track I recorded before I started recording raps again in 2009. The name was some made up moniker I’d come up with for a tour I did with Bleubird and Spytek, and a bunch of dudes from Canada back in 2002, or 2003. The song wound up appearing on a comp put together by Thought Jones on his Akashic Revolve label (dude bring your blog back please).

I started out making beats with only an SP-202. Shit was way different then. for one thing, there were not a lot of people making hip hop, especially “experimental” hip hop. Shit like this had no audience. And the technology made it a lot harder. I’m not trippin at all, or complaining, just saying that this stuff sounds like it’s from a different time cause it is.

Calling this collection a “best of” would just be preposterous. This music was loosely constructed to say the least. I didn’t know shit about music when I started out, except that some stuff really moved me, and I wanted to just keep replicating the stuff that moved me. Instances of “best of” qualities are few and far between. A lot of this music is difficult because I wasn’t working with many of the luxuries Ableton affords me today. Namely compression, and quanitzation. Plus, “what remains of” is far more accurate. I’m a terrible archivist, mostly because I’ve lived in something like 25 places in the last 10 years. I’ve got more than one of my albums totally missing. So, these songs being in this collection is a product of what remains after a whole lot of moving, misplacing, losing, and discarding, not what I thought would make the best summary.

Here’s 2 tracks (dl below):

Give this one a bit^^^^. There’s some silence for a while in the intro.

Download here.

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Tabron. I hope you feel like this is an appropriate song for Summer. If you live in South Florida you probably do, so maybe other folks at longitude -80 agree. This song has been around since early 2010, and it’s still around cause I love it so.

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